• Networking :
      Conferences to regional chapter events, technical committees, and a host of other activities allow a myriad of networking resources to share information and learn about new things happening in WIE, CASS, SPS/COMSOC.

    • Conference:
      The IEEE Societies offers access to a conference community that will help you meet your professional goals. In addition, with membership you also receive:
       Free electronic access to proceedings of the Society conference.
       Registration discount for a conference registration fee.

    • Publications:
      Submit papers for publication in any of the IEEE trade journals for the opportunity to achieve industry recognition and esteem.

    • Resources:
      Access to Society Newsletter (electronic), IEEE RFIC Virtual Journal (electronic), IEEE Digital Library, and Conference Digital Library (electronic).

    • Opportunities to the network, volunteer-ship, and participation in local activities.

    • A membership with the IEEE Society provides you with dynamic opportunities to collaborate and connect with industry professionals, academics, and students alike working toward the advancement of the technology it enables.


    • The IEEE’s first society, the Signal Processing Society is the world’s premier professional society for signal processing scientists and professionals since 1948.

    • Signal processing is the enabling technology for the generation, transformation, and interpretation of information.

    • SPS serves its members through high quality publications, conferences, technical and educational activities, and leadership opportunities. Its goal is to keep members abreast of the latest information and to serve the public at large.

    • The Society organizes numerous conferences around the world every year, focusing on the innovations shaping the future of signal processing and the future of our world.

    • Members have opportunities to be involved in boards and committees, and at the local level members are actively immersed in regional chapters, working on issues and projects that shape what’s next in signal processing.

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    • An independent Society of IEEE since 1972, our 200+ Chapters in 142 countries is comprised of 24,000 members.

    • Originally founded in 1952 as the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) Professional Group on Communication Systems (PGCS), today’s IEEE Communications Society (IEEE ComSoc) has evolved to include a diverse group of global industry professionals dedicated to advancing all communication technologies and the improvement of the world around them.

    • Today, ComSoc is the premier international organization for engineering professionals in communications technology and information networking.

    • The IEEE Communications Society’s mission is to  promote technological innovation and fosters creation and sharing of information among  the global technical community. 

    • Our vision is to bring the world together in harmony through communications and networking technology research, application, education, and incubation of new ideas.


    • The IEEE WOMEN IN ENGINEERING(WIE) is one of the largest international professional organizations dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists inspiring girls around the world to follow their academic interests to a career in engineering.

    • Our goal is to facilitate the recruitment and retention of women in technical disciplines globally. We envision a vibrant community of IEEE women and men collectively using their diverse talents to innovate for the benefits of humanity.

    • Provide assistance with the formation of new IEEE WIE affinity groups and support ongoing activities.

    • Promote member grade advancement for women to the IEEE membership grades of senior member and fellow.

    • Facilitate the development of programs and activities that promote the entry into, and retention of women in engineering programs.

    • Access to the electronic WIE membership directory.

    • Monthly WIE electronic newsletter which contains career information, reports on WIE and affinity group activities, IEEE news and more

    • Opportunities to the network, volunteer-ship and participation in local WIE activities


    • IEEE Computer Society is a professional society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

    • The CS is the largest of 39 technical societies organized under the IEEE Technical Activities Board

    • IEEE Computer Society is the world’s leading organization of computing and information technology professionals with the computing community’s primary source for relevant and dependable data.

    • The IEEE Computer Society is the premier source for information, inspiration, and collaboration in computer science and engineering.

    • Connecting members worldwide, the Computer Society empowers the people who advance technology by delivering tools for individuals at all stages of their professional careers.

    • Our vision and commitment guides who we serve and what we do as an organization.

    • IEEE Computer Society Vision is to be the leading provider of technical information, community services, and personalized services to the world’s computing professionals.

    • Be essential to the global technical community and computer professionals everywhere and be universally recognized for the contributions of technical professionals in developing and applying technology to improve global conditions.